Frequently asked questions

How to add a new talk in Jeeran?

Talks are the way for Jeeran’s users to be able to discuss issues that are related to their city.


To add a talk in a Jeeran city, sign in to your account in Jeeran. Press the Talk Button On the top of the page. Then from the talks page press Create new topic button located in the right corner of the page. Add a topic for your talk and pick a category in which you want your talk to appear in. After adding the content of the talk press share your topic.

How to make a comment on a talk?


To comment on a talk, sign in to your account in Jeeran. Go to the talk you want to add your comment on. Type your comment in the box Share your views on this topic! and press the Add your Comment button under the comment box when your done.

How to report an abuse in a talk?

You can report any abuse in a talk by pressing the flag icon located on the top right of the talk, then from the box appearing pick the reason for abuse or right the reason yourself by selecting Other reasons. Press Report when you’re done.