Frequently asked questions

Main page

  • What is Jeeran?

    Jeeran is a platform for users to talk freely about their experiences in the places they visit. It’s mission is to help people interact better with the places in their city, and to bring the culture of reviews to the emerging world.

  • Who uses Jeeran?

    Jeeran is also the place for business owners to hear what their customers have to say about their places, and to contact them directly.

  • How to find a place on Jeeran?

    The search engine relies completely on keywords. Simply type any keyword in the search bar, and fill in the city where you want to search for the place in. then press Find. This will provide all related places to this keyword. Example: "breakfast" in "Amman".

    After searching for a key word, you can narrow your search results more, use the search details that appears above the search results to sort using special features. Such as: Neighborhood, Category, Price, and other features. Just pick the features and find your place faster.

  • Why do I have to use my facebook or twitter account to sign up?

    Since we at Jeeran aim to present authentic and real content to our users, we make sure the Users signing up and adding content to the site are trust worthy. This is why we only allow facebook and twitter connects. Plus it’s a great way to share your experiences in the places you visited with your friends.

  • City feed vs friends feed

    Jeeran provides you with a live feed to know all activate shared by your neighbors on your city. However, knowing the importance of staying connected with your friends, the friends feed was created for you to keep track of all activities added by your friends on Jeeran

  • Who are the Elites of Jeeran?

    The Mokhtar is a badge giving by jeeran to its most active and helpful users to recognize their efforts. This is a badge that is awarded and not granted and is given out once each year. Make sure you become an active users by adding reviews, photos, and helping other users regularly to be nominated for the “Elite” badge.

Places section

  • How can I add a place to Jeeran?

    Places you know deserve to be on Jeeran! To add a place on Jeeran simply search for the place name in the search engine then press Find. Your place will show within the search results if it’s already added to the Jeeran.

    If not, Press the Add place button located under the search results. In the add a new place page, fill in the required information about the place. You can also write your review on the place and rate it directly from his page. Press Add a place.

  • What are the terms of writing a review on Jeeran?

    A review is your honest opinion and the summary of your experience in a place in your city, whether good or bad. It’s also the best way to share this experience with your friends and neighbors. To know the terms of adding reviews on Jeeran read our content guidelines.

  • How to add my review on Jeeran?

    First you have to Sign in to your account in Jeeran for the review to appear in your name.

    Go to the place page you want to review, and press the Write a review button located under the rating stars of the place. From the next page, write the detail of your experience in the box titled Tell us about your experience. Remember, the more detail you add in your review the more useful it is to others. Rate your place depending on your experience (1 star means very bad and five means out of this world). Add any extra information you wish and press the post review button.

  • How do I edit my review?

    You can edit your review within a week from writing the review; just go to the place you wrote the review on. Click the Edit Review button located under the place name. Edit your review and click Edit Review.

  • How do I write a comment on a review?

    Comments are the way for users to express their thoughts about a review, add a useful note or ask a question.

    To add a comment; simply Sign in to your account in Jeeran, click Add Comment under the review you wish to comment on, add your comment and press Add Comment.

  • How do I add a photo to a place in Jeeran?

    Jeeran is the best place to share the photos you took in the places of your city; whither it’s a nice dish, a creative décor, or a mesmerizing park.

    To add a photo, Sign in to your account in Jeeran. Go to the place you want to add your photo on and Click the Add photos link located on the left of the main photo of the place. (You can add up to five photos each time but make sure you don’t upload more than 10 MB in total).

    From the next page choose the photo you wish to add by clicking the Choose File button. Add a description to your photo in the Photo description box. Once you are done, click on the Upload Photos button.

  • What are the terms to approve photos in Jeeran?

    We welcome all photos added by our users, as long as if follow these terms:

    • Must not include recognizable people
    • Must be taken by the user him/herself
    • Must not be repeated
    • Must belong to the place
    • Must be clear and with a good quality
    • Must not be edited, Photoshopped or include text
  • Can I comment on a photo?

    Of course! Just Sign in to your account in Jeeran, go to the photo you wish to add your comment on, write your comment

    in the box under the photo, and press Add Comment.

  • What If I wanted to edit a business information?

    Any information given by our users are greatly welcomed, just go to the place you want to edit the information on, click on Edit a business info located under the phone number of the place, Add or Edit any information you have on the place, and click Save.

  • How do I report a review in Jeeran?

    We at Jeeran make extra sure all reviews added to the site are useful, honest and clear as possible. So don’t hesitate to report any review you feel lacking honesty or usefulness.

    To report a review, Sign in to your account in Jeeran. Go to the place page you want to report a review on, hover over the review you want to report for the Report violation button to appear under the review and click it. choose the reason of reporting from the box, then click Report.

Profile page

  • How do I sign up for Jeeran?

    Welcome to Jeeran. We are happy you’re joining us! You can sign up to Jeeran using your Facebook or twitter account. Just press the join for free link in the top right corner of the screen.

    To connect using Facebook Click the Facebook button. Sign in to your accounts by adding the username and password for your Facebook account then press Log in. From the box appearing press the Log in with Facebook button.

    To connect using your twitter account, click the Twitter button. Sign in to your accounts by adding the username and password for your Twitter account and press Sign in, then from the box that appears press the Sign in button again.

  • How to edit my profile information in Jeeran?

    To edit your profile information in Jeeran, Open the arrow next to your name in the top right corner of the main page and choose Account settings. In the next page fill in the fields you wish to adjust ( Make sure to fill the required fields). When you are done click the Save button.

  • How to Edit picture on my profile?

    For your profile to be more credible and trust worthy use your own personal picture in your account.

    To edit your profile picture, Open the arrow next to your name in the top right corner of the main page and choose Account settings. In the next page and under the profile picture press the Choose file button. Choose the picture you want to upload and press Open. When you are done click the Save button.

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